“Who could be a bigger dominatrix than God or Buddha? The words used by various religions, especially in Eastern traditions, could almost come out of the submissive’s playbook. ‘Surrender’, ‘devotion’, and ‘piety’ are just as highly valued by a lifestyle BDSM submissive as they are by any religious acolyte. It’s all about relinquishing power and thereby relinquishing responsibility.”

Brad Warner (Sex, Sin, and Zen: A Buddhist Exploration of Sex from Celibacy to Polyamory and Everything in Between)

I’d debate the idea of relinquishing responsibility - you still have to do your part - but ha, this is an interesting way of looking at things.


First off? From my understanding of the metaphysics of what happened to the Buddha, the thing about him is that he no longer exists. With the Buddha, there is nothing to submit to. You submit, in a sense, to the nature of the universe, to the nature of suffering (in order to transcend it), but to Buddha? No. He isn’t a God-equivalent.

And… the problem I have with submitting to God, at least from the Muslim perspective, is that, well, you don’t consent to being dominated by God. Actually the whole idea of comparing God to the Ultimate Dominatrix isn’t so much offensive as it is repulsive.


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(Source: sex-death-rebirth)